Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Accommodations for New Zealand Trip

Hello guys! 

Let's talk about our accommodations in New Zealand end of this month. InsyaALLAH. Currently, I'm struggling and forcing myself to study since my professional exam is just around the corner. And guess what I did...NOTHING! 

Regarding this trip, I would say this isn't a budget and cheapest trip for those who are looking for budget trip. The reason is that I'm bringing my 3 friends and this is their first trip to a place which is quite far from our beloved country and we gonna doing on our own. No travel agents, No luxury accommodations, No restrictions, and whatsoever No! Hahaha... Besides that, I'm trying to organize a trip that we are going to stay at different types of accommodations which are available in New Zealand. For example, motel, hostel, holiday houses, farm house and etc. This has resulted our budget for accommodations is quite high. But, it is no harm to try right?

Let me list down places or accommodations that we are going to spend a night or more during our trip to New Zealand soon. 

1. Christchurch Top 10 Holiday Park
      39 Meadow Street, Papanui
      PO Box 5178
      Christchurch 8542

2. Lake Tekapo Motels & Holiday Parks

    2 Lakeside Drive
    Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

3. Chancarla Farm Park Motel 
    65 Halfway Bush Road 
    RD 1, Dunedin
    New Zealand

4. Asure Amber Court Motel 
    Jill and Craig De Bettoncor
    68 Quantin Drive, Te Anau,
    Fiordland, New Zealand 

5. Lake Front Apartment
    327/343 Frankton Road,
    Oaks Shore Apartment,
    Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

6. Franz Josef Top 10 Holiday Park 
    2902 Franz Josef Highway,
    New Zealand 

7. YHA Auckland International 
    5 Turner Street
    Auckland City, New Zealand.

These are our accommodations for our trip for almost 10 days. I have booked and emailed them regarding our reservations. If i'm not mistaken, all of these do not required any deposits to be paid upfront. What they need is just our confirmation by requiring our credit card number. They won't charge any payment. I also informed them that I'll be paying all the payments by cash instead of credit card. 

The total budget for our accommodation is NZD 1,632 = RM 3,917. This figure will be divided by 4 pax and each of us need to pay NZD 408 = RM 979. For some people, this  amount might be too expensive. But for those who are on tight budget, they can always opt for hostel and motels which are offering best rates and service. There are a lot of choices of hostels available around New Zealand. You can refer to HostelWorld and also HostelBookers These 2 websites can be your guidance in searching your best accommodations in New Zealand. Don't forget to read all the reviews and comments from visitors. These reviews can be your indication whether this place is worth to stay or not. Moreover, you can search the reviews of hostels, hotels, apartments, motels etc through TripAdvisors. Trust me, it's very useful. FYI, always remember to spot the Qualmark  because this is the rating been given by NZ Government to those places who have been excellent in their service.

Since we are going to have roadtrip in South Island, New Zealand. I decided to rent a car from a car rental company available in New Zealand. There are a lot of companies available. The rate is also different among others, so, you need to do a lot of research and decide which one offers the best rate. I opted for Shoestring Car Rentals. This is quite a small operated company but from the reviews i received from my friends who tried their services. This company offers the cheapest rate compared to others. I chose family wagon and the rate quoted is the cheapest. You can compare the rate among Herts, Omega and etc.

Till then guys. See ya! 


  1. i'm still searching 4 accomodation in nz. pricey betul! I dh booking kereta thru fresh rental, ok gak la price dia, bond pun tak byk.. Cant wait nk set foot on the maoriland!!! huhuhuh

    Happy travelling ye!!

  2. hi bdk2

    i plan nak stay kat Deco atau Bumble backpackers masa kat Qstown, nanti kalau sempat tu ngintai2 lah, ok tak area tu, kalau tak sempat intai dekat, juah2 pun takpe, hehehe. nak cari budget ciput punya backpackers sebab pergi berdua je, kalau bertiga berempat berbaloi ambik room family.

  3. oppps nak tulis jauh-jauh jadi juah-juah, hehehe

  4. @BlueEwoke,

    actually kat nz is not that pricey. depends kat mana u nk stay. some ppl said, it is cheap to visit nz but it is expensive to experience nz. psl kereta lak, i xpenah tau lak kat fresh rental. mana i tau, mostly rate atau bond yg kene pn lebih kurang sama je. if u r looking for backpackers hostel, berlambak kat sana tau and harga pn murah...happy hunting!!!


    InsyaALLAH kalo berkesempatan nnt sy tlg tgk2 kn hostels awak itu. hihihi. awak dh book ke hostel ni? kalo pegi ber2 agak rabak jgk poket nk byr..kalo g ber4 just nice.

  5. err... bez nye u all nk gi nz...huhu

  6. saya belum book, kat cari, akira ada tunjuk satu hostel, memang ok dan cun tapi poket saya tak cun sebab kat situ kira perhead. teruk nak membayar utk dua orang dengan harga utk 3,4 orang ni.

    wanaka saya plan nak stay kat wanaka backpaka,
    dunedin belum tau lagi, nampak ada banyak juga hostel BBH yang harga ok. Nanti intai2 dan buat riview ok. NZ ni ramai maklum sewa dia mahal serba serbi.

  7. @kemang,

    kene pegi nnt!

    hopefully u jumpe ape yg u nak....i pn ade byk yg jmpe murah2. tp bila bc, reviews mcm kurang skit. ade yg sgt2 mahal, ade yg murah.

  8. i pegi time world cup rugby 2011, maybe sebab tu semua rates naik. I memang cari holiday park & backpackers hostel je :)

  9. @BlueEwoke,

    Goodluck ok! i dgr time tu hrga blh naik smpai 3 kali ganda mahal compare to lower season. plus, time tu nk masuk summer....better u book awal2. kang fullhouse nnt x ke haru nnt. huhuhu

  10. salam,
    bro sori aku tgk usha lagi itin perth yg ko bagi tu. next week aku nak fly dah pegi umrah & balik hjg bln.

    forum pun aku dah lama tak lepak sbb bizi. but since aku tgk ada kat sini ada org tanya psl 2 hostel kat Queenstown : Bumbles & Deco...both aku penah duduk cuma locationwise, Bumbles lagi ok sbb dia facing Lake Wakatipu (hostel ni kat tepi simpang jalan aje). kalau Deco tu kena panjat bukit, tmpt dia okla..tp aku prefer Bumbles sbb aku suka dok situ. beza antara kedua ni just Deco ada free tenet, klu ko bwk laptop ke bleh la guna..cuma signal tu kuat kat common area je..so kalau ko duduk kat bilik mmg takdela

  11. @fatt,

    xpe fatt, aku fhm ko mmg busy orgnye. aku pun ade tnye2 org kat forum psl perth ni. lgpn, aku duk excited utk nz ni dlu. hahaha. hrp2 xde pape la yg berlaku. insyaALLAh. thanks!