Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hiatus Mode


Lama dah bersawang blog aku ni. Hopefully, masih ada yang baca entry lama-lama sebagai rujukan untuk travel. Semoga trip-trip korang semua berjaya dengan lancarnya. InsyaALLAH. 

Apa jadik dengan aku sekarang ni?

Sejak balik dari UK, dan sempat travel ke Bali, Myanmar dan Kemboja. Aku dah amek keputusan untuk berehat dari dunia travel dan jugak dari update blog aku ni untuk jangkamasa yang aku sendiri pun tak tau. Tapi aku sesekali tu, sempat la tengok sekilas lalu rakan-rakan travel blogger yang lain travel. Seronok kehidupan masing-masingkan. 

Tapi semua tu, nak kata jeles tengok orang travel tempat-tempat ni aku dah rasa takde pape dah. I don't know why. Maybe I have been travelling extensively for the past 5 years in my life since I started to work. And now, I felt it's time for me to start to find something new in my life. But, I do hope that my travelling mode will still be on in the future. But at this moment, I have no passion about it. So, as for now on, there will be no post until further notice.

A lot of things has changed in my life.

... i loose weight quite a lot since came back from UK. About 15kg. From 34 to 30. And I felt good about it. And now, starting to go to gym to tone up a little bit. No more boroi for me hopefully. 

... i lost a few friends in my life which something kinda sad or I can say I'm grateful for that? I don't know. As u get older, u tend to befriend with the best ones. Although, u thought they are your best friends until jannah, but at the end they just go. As for now... I'm happy and redha as it is. 

... i tried my best not to be stiff with myself. Loosen up a little bit. Meet new people. Try to engage people outside your circles. Seriously, I'm trying my best. 

... i bought a property using my 1st payslip from my new job. That's kinda new for me as this is my target after came back from UK. Never thought it would be this fast. But Alhamdulillah. Can't wait for mid-2018. 

... i managed to do things that i wanted to since before i went to UK. For example, managed to buy for myself an insurance coverage, pay zakat on time, and some other things and one more to go. Daftar haji. InsyaALLAH. Soon. 

... Hurm... what else? Want to enjoy my life as much as possible like example spend on things that I'm not able to spend during those 5 years back. Dulu kan kedekut nak berbelanja kat KL untuk makan, shopping, lepak sebab nak simpan untuk travel. Tapi kali ni, boleh la splurge untuk benda tu pulak. 

... other than that, I wish my self will be blessed with lots of love and supports from people around me from the past, present and future and I hope for you guys too. InsyaALLAH. 

p/s: kalau terjumpa kat luar, jangan lupa tegur. ahaks. ;p

Till then...