Sunday, May 9, 2021

Year 2020/2021 - 10 Life Lessons


Remember me? Hahaha Alhamdulillah... still well alive and living a quiet life as normal human and have been doing self-reflecting with lots of things. 
I haven’t write anything to express what i feel for quite sometimes. Perhaps in 3-4 years maybe? I hardly remember. 
Here it goes...

1. Family is everything. Certain family have a very close knit family bonding that I always envy throughout those beautiful pictures or not. Well... as the eldest, i hope it is not too late to make my family happy with my existence. I am trying my best, it might be slow progress but it will get there. Gonna be an uncle again for 2 little princesses! Yeay!
Marriage? Do not take over Allah’s job please.... 

2. Be happy, always be happy with own self. Do not rely your happiness on others. Seriously it will disappoint you big time. Learn to make yourself happy even when you are alone. Sometimes, small little things that you do in life will spark a joy or create a smile on your beautiful face. 

3. Be kind, not necessarily be right. Right now at this age, if you ask me “1+1=5, i will say you are right!”. People are struggling every single day in life even they mask it with a simple smile on their face. Don’t be harsh. Do not ASSume, coz it will make you an ASS. Be kind. 

4. Know when to stop and let go. Certain things are really not meant to be in life, do not force it. Sometimes holding on something that you already know that will not meant to be, it is just gonna break you more than you can imagine. Not worth it. Trust me, just let it go and move on. Life is a climb, but the views are totally great!

5. Best friends? Really? Close friends maybe... I do not know. How you define “best friend”? It is just a label anyway. The best ones will always stay close whenever they are. You know who you are. 😉

6. If it meant to be, it will be. Time is everything. Career, marriage, relationship, friendship, money etc are something that you cannot force it but instead you can work for it. However, if He said it is not meant for you this time maybe somewhere along the journey it will be yours. Just enjoy the moment. 

7. Forgive people in silence. Make peace with yourself. Do not hold grudges. It will not make your life be at peace and move on. Forgive people but it must start with our own heart. Try it, you will feel something heavy has been lifted from your shoulders. You will start seeing things with fresh set of eyes and minds. 

8. Admit mistake & seek help is not an embarrassment. There’s no need to always be right at all times even it is clearly wrong or there’s no need to always stay strong even we know we really need help. There’s should be no shame in seeking for help or admitting any mistake if it is good for you. 

9. Stop saying sorry more than 3 times. Just walk away, it is a self-respect. Even you know it is not your fault, stop saying sorry just for the sake of holding on certain things that you think it is the right way to do it. Limit it to 3x and then walk away. Have a self respect. 

10. Love, focus and always choose yourself. Invest yourself with good knowledge, treat/focus your body with good exercises, vibes, meals etc. At the end of the day, you will only need YOURSELF to stand up and carry on with your future. No one else. Except you and Du’a mak ayah.

During this difficult time, please take care of yourself. Always stay safe & healthy. 

Until then... bye!