Sunday, March 4, 2012

Accommodations in India


This time I wanna share about accommodations in India for my trip which just around the corner. Sooo excited to visit the Incredible India! Maybe for some of people might say "why you guys wanna go travel to India?" Hurm... I don't know how to answer coz this is my first time though. Hahaha.

But from the reviews that I have heard from some of my friends, they said they loved India sooo much! Wanna repeat again the trip. Never get enough of it!

When you wanna visit India, you might want to consider a lot of things for example your accommodations. We should bear in our mind that India is not like Australia or New Zealand which that countries are totally different compared to India. India is like most of people said "dirty" and "beware of what you eat". So, basically I did a lot of research in surveying which hotel should my friends and I stay during our journey. I really meant hotel not hostel. We don't what any bad thing happen to us such as fall sick and other bad things. *fingers crossed* 

I discovered that staying in hotel in India is cheap!, if you can get cheap hotel why bother to stay in hostel? Am I right? Maybe for some people, they might say it's expensive. But...if you divided the hotel cost with your friends, the amount just about about the same with the hostel rate. Plus, the environment is more comfortable and clean. I cannot afford to fall sick during my trip because of the dirty hostel room or the dirty water. If you want to take as a challenge, be my guest. 

I booked our hotels via Below is the list of hotels that I already booked. Please read the reviews before you proceed with the bookings. Please consider the pro and cons of the hotels. It's for your benefits. Hehehe

One more thing, maybe the pictures might say 1001 stories behind it. But, don't 100% believe what you see, it's India by the way. Hahaha

Conveniently located opposite Delhi Railway Station, Ajanta Hotel features a rooftop garden and 24-hour room service. It offers free pick-up from Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, located 13 km away.

Ajanta’s air-conditioned rooms come with cable TV, a safety deposit box, and tea/coffee making amenities. Each room has a private bathroom with shower facilities.

The travel desk provides ticketing services, tour bookings, and car rentals. Other facilities include a business centre and a gift shop. Laundry services and 24-hour currency exchange are available.

The restaurant serves international dishes, including Indian, Chinese and Western choices. Meals can be enjoyed at the rooftop terrace.

Ajanta Hotel is 5 km from the Delhi Zoo. Connaught Place, Palika Park, and CP Metro Station are all just 1 km away.

The rate for 1 night for standard twin room for 2 pax is RM100. Isn't that cheap? For me, it's cheap plus it's near with major places that we wanted to visit. This is the way i travel. Duh~

Maya Niwas overlooks the historic Hathroi Fort. Just 1 km from Jaipur Bus and Railway Station, it offers a rooftop terrace and 24-hour front desk. Rooms have flat-screen cable TVs.

Niwas Maya is 2.7 km from Albert Hall Museum. Jaipur Airport is approximately 13 km from the hotel.

Modern rooms at Niwas offer tea/coffee making facilities and a work desk. En suite bathrooms come with toiletries and hot/cold shower facilities.

Luggage storage facilities are available at the hotel’s 24-hour front desk. Sightseeing arrangements can be made at its tour desk. A laundry service is available.

An all-day local, Chinese and Western menu is available at the rooftop terrace and garden. For alternative dining options, room service is available.

The rate for executive double room for 2 pax is RM91, meaning RM45.50 per pax. Isn't that cheap? Hahaha. Since we are too rich to be considered. We opted for suite which cost us RM55 per pax. Hellloooo, we are talking about rich people traveling. Plus, we also wanted to try different things. People always thought me as a rich traveler. So, i just want to fulfill their imagination. That's all. 

Located in Agra, Tourist Rest House is 2.5 km from the famous Taj Mahal. It features free parking, an outdoor cafe and air-conditioned rooms with a cable TV.

Rest House Tourist is 2 km from Agra Cantt Railway Station and Idgah Bus Stand. It is 1.5 km from Red Fort and 5 km from Kheria Airport.

Fitted with a fan or air conditioning, cosy rooms come with wooden furnishings and have plenty of natural light. Included in each room are a work desk and private bathroom with a shower.

Set amidst a garden, the café serves a variety of local and international dishes. Room service is available upon request.

With a 24-hour front desk, the hotel provides airport shuttle services. Travel and sightseeing arrangements can be made at the tour desk.

During our stay in Agra, we opted for accommodation that is a little bit cheaper than hotel. Plus, this rest house received a lot of good reviews from the tourist. Why not this time we try this house. The rate for twin room for 2 pax is only RM36! That's super cheap man. What else do u want?  Plus this place is near to the infamous Taj Mahal! 

Till then....bye!


  1. murahhh tuuu cuma kalu nk naik cab ke mana2 jgn benti dpn hotel kang terus naik harga ahhahahha

  2. mana komen aku yg ckp aku firsttt?? sapa sabotaj aku tadikkk?? cisss

  3. Ok me first before MasMZ and kak Anash... Quite impressive, but bare in mind that we can't totally believe in the picture. Totally agree with u.

    Welcome to India!

  4. kelas tau~ hotel macam istana harga bagi 2 x cecah 50 hinggit.. haha

  5. Waaaa dah sampai masanya nak gi india.. jgn lupa try chai tea.. sedap masa musim sejuks.
    Sumber air jgn tanya dari mana tp aku rasa tiap2 brekpes aku minum chai tea (padahal 5x brekpes je sempat pun) :P

    Aiiii bawak lah daku gi india... rinduuuu :D

  6. ala nak komen... tapi tunggu kak anash larrrr dulu!!! hahahaha

    *wow header baru lagik!

  7. jaga2, kat rooftop slalu ada monyet yg mencuri. tutup tingkap bilik, kang dia masuk. tapi before masuk, dia ketuk2 dulu. hahahaha!

    header ko sungguh memberi pandangan yg meluas seperti road to nowhere :D

  8. aik>???motif tgu akak komen masmz??
    header baru....
    very horizontal....
    very wide angle...
    very the cantik...
    ..... le pulak korang dpt book hotel cenggini punya gaya...
    (pesal akak dpt yg..$%#@ punya hotel??..musti opis sabotaj akak nih...ishh..ish...)

    murah la rege hotel tuh wehhh!!!

    ayat..mmm..tak menahan...heheh

  9. Uols jgn smpai kena cherry berry please. finger crossed. hehehe..

    motip semua bahase enggerish ni uols weyh... kekeke

  10. OMG!!!that is supercheapppp...nak gi india ke taknak...ermmm...brapa RM kena untuk visa masuk india eh?

  11. @Ely Suhaili,
    aikkk? asal guna id lain? kekeke. eh dh hilang komen first??? hantu amek la nih!

    owhh ok noted. nnt suruh cab tu brhenti kat bus stand.

    overst! kekeke tau xpe. jgn pecaya ape yg anda hilang dlm gmbr. kang letak high expectation terus ranap bila tgk yg sebetolnya. kekeke

    header bru ko jugakkkK!!! muahahah tergugat ler tew.

    tau xpe! murahhh ok! boleh bergaya mcm org kaya!

  12. @Dekdaa,
    tu la..akhirnya tiba jua masa yg dinanti-nantikan. tak sabar pulak. nk keje pn takde mood. erkkk bukan ke tiap2 hari takde mood ke? LOL. nnt aku try chai tea tu. kalo aku kene cirit birit aku saman ko tau! muahaha.

    jom ikut skali pegi india!!!

    header baru yoooooooo!!!

    thank you makk! noted in my mind. terima kasih., xnk kalah dgn ko!

    @Kak Anash,
    thank you akak. hehehe. jgn lupa bwk kain sari tau nk tgkkk! hotel ni pn sy xtau keadaan cmne nnt. hrp2 ok ler. bc review sume ckp ok. we will wait and see ler nnt.

    @MasZuber, between the lines.

  13. @Fida Jacob,
    uols! insyaALLAH...i pn hrp2 tak kene laa benda teruk2 nnt. huhuh cuakkkkkkkkk!!! haruslah sume in english kata nk international! kekeke.

    @Akmal wahab,
    visa utk masuk india ialah rm168.

    thank youuuuuu!!!

  14. hi, just nak share my experience pi saya ambil pakej di sana...rm1000 untuk 6D5N di Delhi, Agra n Jaipur...pakej including hotel yg OK pada saya, dlm 3star kot, sbb ada wifi, bersih n baru...kereta beserta driver sepanjang masa...makan driver tak perlu risau, dia mmg bwk kedai mkn yg government iktiraf, so driver mkn situ jer...kedai mkn mmg hotel or restoran je saya abes dalam rm200 jer utk makan...agak murah la bnding dgn amount yg diorder...hehehe pastu pakej juga termasuk sekotak besar air mineral botol besar (kami pi summer, tu panas sgt tuh) dan juga tourist guide di setiap city yg kami rm1000/pax untuk 2org pada sy agak berbaloi...n fyi, kami stay di Classic Diplomat Hotel, Delhi...Crystal Inn di Agra dan Om Tower di Jaipur...n sy check rate dia dlm rm200/night...n dr kawan2 yg biasa dtg buat audit di india pun diorg ckp india punya hotel agak hati2 yer dgn hotel yg dibooking...jangan percaya sgt internet...hehehe enjoy your trip in india!saya tak banyak lagi tempat yg dipergi, tp so far India mmg antara tempat yg saya akan ingat selalu n rasa nak pergi lagi..mmg best!kotor tu tolak tepi la..hahaha just enjoy dia punya architecture yg superb...mmg cantik!