Sunday, March 11, 2012

Incredible India : Visa Application


Actually, I have a lot of stories to tell you regarding my upcoming trip. There were quite a lot of problems we faced in order for us to go to India this time. Maybe we need to endure the pain before we can the feel the sweetness of the trip. InsyaALLAH. I promised Lily Riani : The Globetrotter that I will blog about India visa application in England. Hahaha *overst* Hope you will be able to understand the procedures. Here you go....

1. You need to visit the nearest photo shop and take a visa pictures with white background. The size must be 2 inch x 2 inch. Cannot be more than that ok! The photographer would know how to make you look gorgeous or handsome. Like this! 

2. Before you proceed with filing up the application form, you need to remember that Government of India had imposed a regulation that all the applicant need to fill up the form via online before submitting the form the visa office near your place. What you need to do is... owh by the way, these are the steps for Malaysian.

a) Go to this link : and you will see this page below: 

b) Then, after you clicked to the link, you will see this page below. 

3) Then later, you will be directed to the online form. There are quite a lot of details that you need to fill up. Make sure you read properly and key in the correct details as necessary. Don't rush. Hehehe. 

Be alert : For the passport no, PLEASE PUT THE ALPHABET IN FRONT OF YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER.  Example: A12345678. If you forgot to include this alphabet, your form will be straightaway rejected. Bear in mind!!!

4) After filled up the form completely, don't forget to check and read through again the form. For your information, you can always change or amend your form before you print it out and submit it to the visa office. And after you satisfied will all the details, please print out the form. 

5) Then, compile all the necessary documents together with the printed online visa application form. The documents that need to be attached together are as follow: 
  1. Printed visa application form
  2. Two (2) visa photos with white background (Size : 2 inch x 2 inch)
  3. Drafted itinerary of your trip
  4. Your passport (check the expiry date, make sure it's still valid for more than 6 months)
  5. Visa payment amounting to RM168 per person
6) After you finished compiling all those documents, you can submit the form by yourself or appoint someone on behalf of you to submit to the visa office. For us, thank you very much to Cawan because willingly to submit the forms on behalf of us because we cannot manage the time with all the office works. Thank you very very much!!! 

7) Those who need to submit for more than 10 forms, please fill up this form before you submit the forms. This is the link 

8) Later, submit the all those documents to the High Commission of India (Pejabat Kedutaan India). The addresses are below: 
Tel: 03-26922692 
Fax: 03-2698 2692, 03-2692 2692 
Website : 
Email     :

10200 PENANG
Tel: 04-2505 000

Tel: 07-2223 325
9) Please be informed that the time period of submitting the forms and collecting the visa are as follow:
  • Time of Submission – 9am to 2pm (Monday to Friday) at the India Visa Centres 
  • Time of Collection – 4:30pm to 5:30pm on the third working day (if any change, the Visa Centre will inform the applicant)  
10) Once your visa has been approved, please be happy and enjoy your holiday!!!

For more information and understanding, kindly visit the website below: 

To read in Bahasa Malaysia, kindly visit Janggel : Visa Application

Till then, bye!!!


  1. John, ko terbang arini ehh..?? Have a good vacay.... erkkk... aku first kah..? :D

  2. one free saree for me, one reimburse hard rock tshirt for abg shahrul, one free fridge magnet cun punye for us..hehehe..nanti saree yang awak beli for meniaga, kak syai beli..kekeke...

  3. harap2 diorang ingat ko orang kashmir hahahaha!

  4. pokcik john! slamat terobang huhu..jumpe shah rukh khan jgn lupe kim salam dr aku tau..have a nice trip ^^ V

    p/s: pegi NZ sila sound aku nak ikut..hahahha..

  5. sume pakat2 gi yindiaaa... bencilah kome!


  6. visa 'double entry' ? wahhh, macam ada lawatan ekstra aje tu ...

  7. Gambar tu dorg tak strict sgt.
    Masa aku hantar application tu, ada Indian pempuan tu snap gambo kat facebook, siap posing bagai.. staff kaunter sengih je.. dia kata boleh :P

    Next time aku gi india, nak posing lah :))

  8. semalam pi amek visa,

    ishhhh panjang sungguh que!!!!