Friday, February 3, 2012

Tips | 3 days Itinerary in Gold Coast, Australia!


Dear Kak Anash, when you gonna put my bloglink to your blogroll? *SENTAP* ;p

Nothing much to share with you guys. Still busy with my daily work! Just in the midst of researching for my upcoming trip to Australia. This time it will cover 2 weeks of journey. Wow! Don't know whether can earn more money or not. Plus kinda worried if i don't enough leave to apply. *Sigh* 

Since i will be in Gold Coast as the first pit stop, i'm thinking about visiting the most popular theme parks which are available! DreamWorld, MovieWorld, SeaWorld, Wet 'n' Wild and White Water World! Got 5 theme parks ok!!! I don't think i can cover all of these coz i only have like 3 solid days in Gold Coast. Hence, i want fully utilize my time during my visit! Hahaha...speaking sangat kekdahnya weeiiiii! Hahaha. 

I thinking about choosing only 2 theme parks. Need suggestion from those who has been there. Which one should i choose? 

Dream world is a large theme park located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. It is currently Australia’s largest theme park with over 27 rides including 4 roller coaster. Dream World is made up of several themed lands including Ocean Parade, Kid’s World, Wiggles World, Gold Rush Country, Rocky Hollow, Tiger Island and the Australian Wildlife Experience. These lands feature a collection of rides, animal exhibits, shows, food outlets and merchandise shops. Dream World is well known for being the location of the Australian Big Brother House for 8 years. In December 2006, Dream World expanded its offerings by opening White Water World next door.

Entry Fee:

Adult: $79.99

Child: $49.99

Pensioner: $49.99

WhiteWater World is a water park situated in the suburb of Coomera on the Gold Coast, Australia. It is owned and operated by Ardent Leisure. After years of planning and a year of construction, WhiteWater World opened to the public on 8 December 2006. The ten Australian beach culture themed attractions cost approximately A$56 million. These included The Green Room, Super Tubes Hydrocoaster, The Rip, The BRO, Temple of Huey, Cave of Waves, Wiggle Bay and Pipeline Plunge. Since then, three additional water slides: two called Little Rippers and one called The Wedgie, have been added. WhiteWater World was designed to be very efficient in its water use. Since opening, the quantity of visitors has consistently been above expectations. Ardent Leisure has submitted a development application for the expansion of the water park and plans to add five new attractions.


Warner Bros. Movie World also known as Movie World is a popular movie related theme park located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. It is owned and operated by Village Road show. The park contains various movie themed rides and attractions ranging from motion simulators to roller coasters and slow river rides. In addition, costumed character performers also patrol the park, allowing visitors the chance to take photos with them. These include Batman, Austin Powers, Marilyn Monroe, Scooby Doo, The Mystery Inc. Gang and various Looney Tunes characters.

Entry Fee:

VIP Pass: Adult: $109.99  || Child: $109.99

VIP Gold Pass: Adult: $139.99 || Child: $139.99

Genral Admission: Adult: $79.99 || Child: $ 49.99

Super Pass: Adult: $149.99  || Child: $99.99

Movie World Annual Pass: Adult: $99.99  || Child: $99.99


Sea World is a marine mammal park and theme park located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. It includes rides, animal exhibits and other attractions, and promotes conservation through education and through the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. The park is commercially linked to Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet n Wild Water World as part of the Warner Village Theme Parks.

Entry Fee:

VIP Pass: Adult: $109.99  || Child: $109.99

VIP Gold Pass: Adult: $139.99 || Child: $139.99

Genral Admission: Adult: $79.99 || Child: $ 49.99

Super Pass: Adult: $149.99  || Child: $99.99

Movie World Annual Pass: Adult: $99.99  || Child: $99.99

Wet n Wild Water World is a large water park located on the Gold Coast, Queensland and owned by Warner Village Theme Parks. Wet n Wild Water World is located near the Warner Bro. Movie world. The theme park is opened all year round with all the pools and slides heated during the winter months.

From all these of the above, i'm thinking about choosing MovieWorld and SeaWorld because both of these are under same company. You can purchase a combo ticket together from the websites that I already hyperlinked it. Check it out ok! 

It's a totally NO NO for me to choose Wild 'n' Wet and White Water Park because it's totally crazy to play with the water during winter! Owh ya, by the way I'm going there during winter. Plus, it's soooo troublesome to change clothes after getting into the water. I need to fix my hair ok! 

Meanwhile, for DreamWorld, I think I will skip it because for me it's just a same with MovieWorld. Plus MovieWorld got cartoon characters! I love it! 

1 extra day in Gold Coast, I will be heading to Brisbane for a half day trip since most of people said there's nothing much to see except Harbour Town! Hahaha...all those shopaholics will love it! Hurm...for me? We will see how okeh!

How about u guys who has been there? Any suggestions to share with all of us? Drop an opinion in the comment box ok! Thank you!!! 

Till then...bye~ 


  1. Banyaknya theme park! Aku rasa macam nak pegi semua. Tapi yg seaworld tu macam best je, wajib pegi kot!

  2. hai, first time comment kat sini.. :)
    kalo awak mmg nak spend days kat Goldcoast, better pergi beli tiket kat area surfer's paradise. kat sana, banyak agen2 yang jual tiket kombo untuk dua/tiga theme park skali gus. so, better look around to get the best deal. last time sy pergi, ktorang just pergi movie world jek...yang tu pun tak ley nak abes main dalam satu hari..huhu...

  3. Wah..semangat2...!!! Aku rasa no 2 dan 5 tuh ko better skip aje la... Aku penah baca somewhere tempat tuh ala2 Sunway Lagoon, in fact our Sunway Lagoon is much better... Yg theme park lain, OK, elok p...

  4. eh pilihan kita sama!! :) 3, 4 wajib world and nyerrr!!! yg lain pilih sendiri :p

  5. John,
    Haishhh..jgn sentap aaaa...
    Ala..tak pandai guna hp nak set2 bloglink nih...
    Makan ek kapkek takde guava tuh eh
    Sila makan..
    (Terkesima siap letak nama akak kat entry nih..dush!!-adeh..)
    Btw, sume taman tema itu akak tak pernah pegi..
    Hehehe..boleh komen camnih?

  6. I pernah pegi 3,4 & 5 masa ada VIP pass tuh. Yg Wet Wild ok jugak tapi tak pegi pun takpe. Seaworld memang best especially Imagine punya show. Movieworld kecik je..Lebih kurang Universal Studio kat Singapore. I rasa sekarang dah takde dah pass VIP tuh. Cuma ada Superpass.

  7. @Janggel,
    hehehe...nasib baik aku bgtau. kalo tidak..ko xkan dpt no 1st nih! ehhehe.

    tu mmg menarik pun. aku kene pilih 2 theme parks je kot. tp ramai rekomen suh masuk seaworld. hehehe. jom kita sekali! ;)

    thank you for visiting my blog. hehehe. thank you very much for your suggestion tu, will look into it later when i'm there. hehhe. tak sabar pulak rasanya! harap2 tak hujan je kat sana nnt. insyaALLAH...

    haruslah semangatttt! hehehe. tu la mmg no 2 & no5 mmg aku skip terus. tak pandang dah kot. hehe.

    kak eh bila nk pi nih? kekek ;p

    @Kak Anash,
    saya masih lagi sentappp! hahaha...takdelah. gurau2 aje. nnt akak kene pi suatu hari nnt ok! kita mulakan dgn uss dlu. ;p

    tula...dreamworld better skip la eh? aku mcm nk jmpe kartun karakter tu sgt2. kalo kat dreamworld tak byk rsenye. seaworld ni ramai sungguh yg rekomen suruh pi. aku rse mmg wajib pegi nnt la ni. hehehe

  8. Aku vote Movie World, sb aku rasa lagi byk benda nk tgk, rides dia pun best2. Dream World tu mcm biasa sikit, tapi tak tau la taste org lain cam mana kan..hehehe

  9. Kalau nak pegi Movieworld dengan Seaworld, ambik Escape Pass la...AUD99.99. Lagipun, now on Seaworld dah ada Spongebob...

  10. Assalam. Ni first time i tulis dlm blog tu. i "kenal" u dari I tak bagi suggestion psl tpark tu. sbb semuanya BEST. Kata anak i la. I pemerhati saja. Tapi wet n wild mmg best. Air kan. Seaworld pada mereka tak mencabar sgt roller costernya. Ebuzz at dreamworld kene cuba. Tks

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  12. Kami pun beli tiket package... msuk theme park tu.. tp xsemua.. dlm 3/4 theme park guna 1pas card.. really njoy there

  13. Nak tanya, kenapa tak pergi Dreamworld? Saya nak pergi sana next mth, ingat nak pergi satu theme park saja...

    Kalau awk cuma dapat ke satu theme park je, yang mana awk akan pergi? Nak tau gak... thanks

  14. @Leez,
    ntah tak minat sangat nk naik rides ni. depends kat diri masing2 dan jugak masa yang ada. boleh refer kt entry trip ni kat label Gold Coast. ;)