Wednesday, June 13, 2012

200th Post - I'm Blessed!


Nothing much special to share but this entry I dedicated to all of my travel partners for the past 2 years. Thank you so much for been there for me and traveled with me. There's nothing that can compare with you guys. This is my 200th post and I hope there's more coming from me to you... 

My New Zealand Trip (July 2011)
1 year has passed and I still remember the moment with you guys Husna, Nelly and Fikri. We were young and still young to enjoy the crazy moments! Hahah..thank you for making my dream came true. Hoping yours will come true as well. InsyaALLAH.. 

My Perth Trip (September 2011)
My collegue, Syida and Azrihan. I called it last minute travel partners. Hahah...Thank you so for being my travel partners and we did celebrate Hari Raya in Perth! 

My South Korea Trip (November 2011)
My previous travel partner from Perth and Beijing, Syida, Rina and Khairie. Hahah...thank you for walking along the streets in Seoul and all the pains that we have endured. We lost a few pounds! Hahaha.. 

My Beijing Trip (October 2010)
My ex-schoolmate, Hazwan asked me to follow him for a trip to Beijing! Yeayy! Thank you for taking pictures for me. Thank you for all those postcards that you sent from Europe! Appreciate it so much!!! Hoping to travel with you once you are back! 

My Superstar Cruise Trip (January 2012)
Hahaha...we know each other through blogs and we did a trip together to celebrate New Year on a cruise! It was a great trip...thank you for joining the trip! I'm totally grateful! I think you guys who they are. 

My Universal Studios Singapore Trip (February 2012)
My Travelholicaswesome trip! It was the first time we did a trip together. It was superfun!!! You don't know how grateful I am after meeting them who share same interest as me. Thank you guys!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

My Taiping, Kuala Kangsar Trip and Birthday! (April 2012)
Hahahaha...our 2nd Travelholicawesome trip! It was fun with the laughs, sate and moments! Can't wait for our 3rd roadtrip!!! When??? 

My India Trip (March 2012)
Our most adventure trip ever. Thank you to Janggel and MasMZ for making this trip happened. Grateful to travel with both of you. Be patient with my bad and funny attitude. Hoping to have more trips with you guys! You guys are the best!

My Hatyai and Krabi Trip (May 2012)
My recent trip with Janggel, MasMZ and Kak Coco. Even though it was full of drama but we finally did it! Can't thank you enough. God bless! 

That's all i guess. I hope that our friendships will last forever...

Till then..wasalam.


  1. Kudos John... and keep it coming !!!

  2. akak feels.....
    very touch indeed....
    waaa.....nak nanges le pulak!!!!!
    (jab, nih blog sapa ? nak feeling2 drama queen ?)

    Danny, keep up the great post, go travel , go discover more, and do go with your passion!!! akak support dari belakang...
    (tetiba rindu pada sume-sume)

  3. salam.

    @danny/john - aku rs mcm dah kecelaruan identity dah. xtau nk panggil kau ape. hahah.. btw cngratz!!!! tq fr all the info u've shared.keep on posting! go travel n conquer the world!

    p/s : cpt2 kawen. HAHAHAHA...

    god bless u!


  4. Very interesting pictures, very interesting people, very interesting life..You must have a broad knowledge of the world by now. And I hope by now you have understand yourself better..."Knowledge of the self is the mother of all knowledge."

  5. gile menarik ini entry ! tp muke aku x de ! hahahha

  6. hebat k milestone ko..ekekek..happy travelling!!

  7. tanak ckp pe, nak tepuk bahu ko jer...

    jumpa kat redang!

  8. ouch! danny i rasa kan you jadi mcm ni sebab trip to Singapore back in 2009? thanks to Kak fara and kak fiza la kot? haha. betul tak? kekeke. lepastu u senyap2 pi HK tak bg tahu sesapeee! gila katanya solo traveller..

  9. Mak aih! Dah 200 posts?? Congrats! & keep them coming!

    Here's for the next 200!

  10. aku check blog aku, aku ada 779 posts as at today. GILE!

  11. osemmmmm...

  12. Jap.. Jap.. Jap.. Hahaha terkonpius jap nape kat Taiping dengan Kuala Kangsar ada gambar ko pegang kek. Rupa-rupanya dah wrap sekali!!!

    Mana nak terjah ni? Mana pasni? Mana?

  13. hi!new here..congratss!

    ur blog is da best travel blog yg i pernah singgah! next time jenjalan nak ikuttttttt! siyes nih!hihih

  14. Wow untunglaaaaaaaaaaa dah jadi retis kekkekeekee

  15. Nak tanya napa muka aku sikit sgt dlm nih!! hahahahah (acah je)

    Aku pun cam Biq gak..tak mo ckp panjang..jumpe kat Redang!!! aku nk baling pasir kat muka ko yg budget hensem tu muahahahahhaha #jgnperasan plak

  16. 200?aku baru bc dlm 20pun rasa byk..pasal byk tgk gambo ajer..:)