Saturday, May 19, 2012

My 7 Super Shots!

Hello peeps!!!

Since someone has been tagging me to do this post, I know her in the cyber world but never met her. Thank you for tagging me despite of my busy world. Hahah. Such a drama king am i? So, I'm taking part in Hostelbookers 7 Super Shots! 

Here you go guys!!! 

1. A photo that.....takes my breath away

This picture was taken during my vacation to New Zealand in 2011. How time flies. Every time I looked back my all pictures, it seems like the place is where I belong to be. I'll be back! Wait for me!!! 

2. A photo that.....makes me laugh or smile

I don't know what happened to me that day. This picture was taken during on the way back from Ngong Ping Village, Hong Kong. I was in the crystal cable car. Purposely bought the most expensive ticket in order for me to do a shot like this. Eventually, I did lie down....and I saw a few people from other cable car were laughing at me. Hahah...just don't care!

3. A photo that.....makes me dream

I have a dream since a was a kid. Dreaming to conquer the world. Ceewwaahhhh! Hahah. I also have a dream to do "Salam Perantauan" and post it to local newspapers eventhough I was a local grad. Whatever, I did Perth, Australia! That's me! Kakiberangan~

4. A photo that.....makes me think

During my trip to India recently, I saw a lot of sadness and happiness in their life. Sometimes, it brought me to think how they live their life in such conditions? I'm so grateful that I was born in Malaysia. 

5. A photo that.....makes my mouth water

I love attending birthday parties or whatsoever functions. The main thing that I will look for is the dessert!!! Hahah... 

6. A photo that.....tells a story

A lot of things to only wish that everything will be back to be normal. 

7. A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

I don't know what's so special about this photo. The only thing I know, it is a perfect picture to tell others what's my dream! 

Do I need to tag others? Hahah...hurm..let me think first. I miss them.

1. JanggelTrekker :
2. MasMZ :
3. Chawanna :
4. Biqque :
5. Dr. Shah_rule :

Till then...bye!


  1. Biqque already did hers. hehe. btw loving the last photo!

  2. i tot of tagging u but someone did! U R FAMOUS, as usual :)

    as always, nice photos! luv ya, DRAMA KING!

    -by DRAMA MOMMA-

  3. semua tak tito lagi ke??? bila tix yek? i cant get my china still. mahai! ada tak gi kang ... ish!

  4. Hi Kaki Berangan,

    It stresses me out everytime I see a photo of NZ. Keep wondering when I'd have the chance to go there. Your photo really took my breath away.

    I also agree that a visit to India would definitely make one thinks and ponders about life, about how lucky we are and how we always take things for granted. The experience can be totally mind blowing.

    Love the last shot too. I should try to take a similar one soon, #buatmukatebal hehe

  5. As usual, superb photos! India is not in my travel list, but reading yr journals on India, did let the curiosity in me wonders...

    Biqque, i've tagged him 1st...:)ooops!

  6. Aku suka gambar no 4..bukan sbb org dlm nya tapi tajuk gambar sangat sesuai...mmg..makes me think...

    Jeles dgn gambar cable car Ngong Ping! Jauh dtg nak tutup! huh!

  7. Gara gara tengok gambar no 2 dlm HK trip John, ahkak pon purposely naik crystal cabin dan berposing ala ala cam tu masa ke Ngong Ping... hahaha

  8. ok terbalik aku tergelak pulak tengok pic no 3..aku pon sama berangan nak post gambar kat salam perantauan..tungguuu...hahhahaha

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