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Tips | Suggested itinerary for Melbourne, Australia for 10D9N


Dalam entry yang aku rasa agak berguna untuk mereka yang nak buat trip ke Melbourne, Australia pada masa hadapan. Ni adalah suggested itinerary yang aku buat untuk mereka yang teringin nak buat roadtrip kat Melbourne. Aku buat untuk 10 days 9 nights. Aku tau itinerary ni agak ambitious skit sebabnya kebanyakkan daripada kita akan spend about 5 - 6 days kat Melbourne sahaja or maybe lesser than that kalo korang combine together with other cities such as Sydney or Gold Coast. So, ni hanyalah cadangan semata-mata. Feel free to make it suitable with your time. By the way... ni itinerary yang bagi aku sesuai untuk orang bujang. Mereka yang sudah mempunyai anak maybe agak ambitious sebab memerlukan persediaan yang cukup rapi. 

Permulaan ni adalah kalo flight AirAsia X adalah pada waktu malam, dan tiba di Melbourne pada waktu pagi. Untuk tulisan yang berwarna BIRU, korang boleh klik kat situ sebab aku dah hyperlinked. 

Day 1
  • Touch down Melbourne
  • Check-in at hostel/hotel/apartment etc (check-in at 2 pm, maybe just put your luggage there)
  • Sight-seeing around the city such as Melbourne University, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Prison, Crown Entertainment Complex, Eureka Skydeck Tower, Hosier Lande (Graffiti Lane) and maybe Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. 

Crown Entertainment Complex

Melbourne University

Day 2

  • Rent a car from Apex Car Rental Melbourne because it's the cheapest! From my research comparing between other companies such as Hertz or Thrifty 
  • Drive to Tesselaar Tulip Festival about 56km (1 hour drive) from Melbourne City. Fyi, the tulips festival only available for only 1 month. Please check the current info from Google such as this website  Visit Victoria . Spend about 3-4 hours at the festival. 
  • From tulips festival, drive to Puffing Billy (Belgrave Station, 11.8 km or Gembrook Station, 25.6km) to experience the old steam train. Check-out their website for more info ---> Puffing Billy
  • Later, end your day with visiting Brighton Beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset and colorful beach huts approximately 40.7 km from Puffing Billy (Belgrave Station) or 1 hour drive. 

Puffing Billy Train

Tesselaar Tulip Festival 

Brighton Beach

Day 3

  • Start your trip to Mount Buller about 231km or 3 hours drive from Melbourne City. 
  • Enjoy your day with snow or something adventure such as skiing or snow-boarding. You can rent the snow equipments from this website ---> Mt. Buller Rentals . Do compare between these companies to get the best price for equipment rentals. 
  • It is possible to make it a day trip based on my friends' experiences but you need to depart from Melbourne early in the morning about 6 am. 
  • Kalo taknak maybe boleh pegi shopping kat DFO Moorabbin yang terletak kira-kira 30 minit dari city.

Day 4
  • From hostel/hotel/apartment, start your journey to Phillip Island located about 142km or 2 hours drive. 
  • Then, proceed your journey to Sorrento to catch a ferry to Queenscliff. A shortcut to get Great Ocean Road. Or else, you can go back to Melbourne City to overnight. 
  • A ferry service from Sorrento to Queenscliff. Check their website for more info ----> Searoad Ferries 

Day 5

  • Journey to Great Ocean Road (GOR) about 108km or 1 hour 50 mins drive from Queenscliff (161km or 2 hours 30 mins drive if from Melbourne City) to GOR Arch. Use M1 Highway from free toll highway. 
  • For the GOR road trip, please bear in mind that it is full 1 day roadtrip. A long the way, you can stop at many places such as Split Point Lighthouse, Apollo Bay, 12 Apostles and many more. 
  • You can choose either overnight at Port Campbell or Apollo Bay. 
  • Or else, you can drive back to Melbourne City.

Day 6

  • From Great Ocean Road, proceed the journey to Halls Gap located about 219km or 3.5 hours drive from Port Campbell (GOR). 
  • Many interesting places to see for those who love mother nature such as The Grampians, The Balconies, Mackenzie Falls, Broken Falls, Reids Lookout and many more. 
  • Spend a night at Halls Gap.

Day 7

  • From Halls Gap, proceed your journey to Ballarat located about 140km or 2 hours drive. 
  • To get more info what to see and what to do in Ballarat, you can refer to this website ---> Ballarat Wikitravel
  • Drive back to Melbourne City

Day 8

Day 9

  • Sightseeing or shopping at Harbourtown Factory Outlet, refer to their website for more info ---> Harbourtown Melbourne or fly back to Malaysia. 

Itinerary ni hanyalah cadangan semata-mata but insyaALLAH it's doable kalo korang ada banyak masa kat Melbourne. However, feel free to adjust it based on your time. Boleh buang yang mana tak minat. 

Till then... goodluck! 


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